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Coconut Water

As the weather warms we need to maintain hydration by drinking plenty of water. Generally, you should drink mostly water but we do live in a society filled with other temptations. You can use the following to help stay hydrated throughout the day:
1. Drink a glass of water before ANYTHING else in the a.m. It helps get the digestion juices flowing after a night without water.
2. As you sit at your desk, have a bottle of water next to you and refill it every time you run out. Bonus- this also makes you have to GET UP so you increase circulation.
3. If you are out drinking at a bar, use the 1:1 ratio- every alcoholic drink you indulge, balance it out with 1 glass of water, preferably one without ice so your body can process it easier.
4. Drink a glass of room temperature water before each meal again to aid in digestion.
5. After a heavy workout full of sweat, hydrate your body with COCONUT WATER, preferably from the actual coconut, but bottled will do the job too. Coconut Water has the same properties of our blood plasma and doctors agree it is beneficial in aiding hydration.


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