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Why Yoga


I get asked frequently what the best type of exercise is. The answer is simple: anything that doesn’t impact your joints to greatly or pulls certain muscles too tight. That said most sports and activities do just that so even if you love it throw in some yoga therapy and get your body in alignment. Keep in mind that as we age our bones get weaker, our joints are less lubricated and we have difficulty creating as much muscle. Thus we become more susceptible to injury. So it all comes back to proper movement and alignment.

What kind of yoga? Some of the best yoga classes I have taken have little to do with the type of yoga and more about the intelligence of the instructor and his/her awareness of the body and how it moves. That being said, Iyengar yoga is probably going to be the best for aided injuries but you can also get good adjustments from an instructor in a Hatha, Asana or Vinyasa class. Ashtanga I really only recommend to those already familiar with yoga postures. A Vinyasa class will get your heart rate up and Hatha will get your muscles to relax and open up a little more gently. Ultimately you are the best judge of what your body can handle but get out there and try it all! I do and I have never felt better!


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