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Conquering Stress

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Americans are notorious for our fast pace lifestyles that leave little room for relaxation. We get up every morning and pour coffee into our empty stomachs and try to muster up the energy to go to work. We work 8-14 hour days and come home feeling exhausted. We turn on the television, wind down with alcohol, and go to bed only to repeat the same pattern the very next day.

Multiple things are wrong with this picture, yet the majority of Americans spend their lives living this way. Changing your lifestyle is not easy but it’s necessary to live a healthier, longer life which ultimately makes your life easier anyway.

When it comes to our own health, we have to maintain a life of less stress. Stress comes in different forms and can be physical, mental or spiritual. Physical stress affects the physical body, can lead to digestive problems, headaches, body aches and pain. Mental stress affects affects how we think and feel, and can lead to depression, anxiety, or mania. Spiritual stress is characterized by a loss of zest for life and life purpose. All of these forms of stress can be conquered by taking time out of your day for yourself, and no one else.

I talk about yoga a lot because it helps tackle all three of these stresses. You learn to move the body in healthy, detoxifying ways while strengthening and stretching out muscles.  Additionally, you  learn how to breathe deeply, slowly, and with purpose. You also get to focus on being in the present moment in time, which allows you to connect with your own individual spiritual being, whatever that may be.

Additionally, you have to focus on what you put into your body, which is where learning how to eat correctly for your own self is important. Learning to shop for proper foods is also key as well as keeping your body properly hydrated throughout the day.

It takes time to change your lifestyle but it IS worth it. Lower levels of stress help the body get rid of unwanted waste, which means you lose body fat more effectively. Lower stress levels lead to a lower resting heart rate, which greatly reduces your chances of having a heart attack. Learning to reduce the intensity of stress attacks with deep breathing, combined with taking steps to a nutritious lifestyle will help you live a long and happy life.

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