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Cleansing and Fasting


ImageFasting and cleansing date back thousands of years. Many religions use fasting as a way to cleanse the entire body and reach some higher enlightenment. In today’s society, Groupon advertises for cleansing products all the time. They all promise something: “lose 15 pounds in 1 day*” followed by tiny print regarding how individual results may vary. Yes, individual results certainly WILL vary.

While it is important to detox every once in a while and rid the body of excess toxins, it is more important to do this in a healthy, safe manner, preferably under the supervision of a doctor, nutritionist, or lifestyle coach. None of these professionals will advise fasting unless you have to get your blood drawn for certain tests. The “enlightenment” you may receive through fasting is really based on your brain cells dying and you hallucinating. Our bodies NEED nutrients and nutrition to survive. We need energy. So while someone suffering from anorexia may emphasize the need not to eat to get smaller, they inevitably lose not just body fat, but muscles and vital organ tissue, slowly killing themselves. So fasting = not a very clever idea. Cleansing = smart to do every 6 -12 months.

Some people like to cleanse following the end of a particular season, as a way to clear the body of all of Summer‘s toxic energy. It’s truly up to you. The most popular time to cleanse is always following a major holiday involving far too much alcohol and sweets, and not enough physical exertion. The organic fresh juice system of cleansing is always a good way to go. Keep in mind that some bodies will not respond well to certain juices and take note which ones may upset your system and avoid accordingly. As you start to only drink juiced fresh fruits and veggies, your body WILL react. You will feel more hungry, tired, moody and have to go to the bathroom several times. You are drinking liquid! Everything comes out quickly. But after the first few days it will feel better. Your toxins are coming out of you and you are also having withdrawals from sugar and fats you probably eat regularly. Don’t worry, your negative emotions are expected. Then comes the feeling of refreshment.

After the first few days of what may feel like hell, your body has let go of all that crap that once filled every internal organ and now it just is filled with nutrients, nutrients, nutrients! How lucky for you! You will probably start feeling more energy, and slowly this is where you can start adding real food back in. A handful of organic raw almonds, or a sliced avocado can be helpful additions to the cleansing process.

Ending the cleanse is just as important as the cleansing itself. You want to make CERTAIN you don’t immediately jump into the throes of the processed world. Try to allow your body the real whole fruits, vegetables, meats and grains it NEEDS. Key word here is “needs”. Try to carry on the health associated with cleansing and stick with eating lots of vegetables and fruits, and meats and grains in between. Avoid processed foods, conventionally grown produce, grain-fed beef, GMO– corn, soy and wheat. Stick with grass-fed, wild-caught/sustainable, local, organic, and harmonious foods. These will allow whatever weight you may have lost during your cleanse to actually stay off and keep that positive energy you felt during your cleanse going.

This healthy lifestyle only leads to a better, positive and happy well-being and life.

Here are a few cleansing instructions and recipes that really prove to be helpful for those of you wanting to juice:

Real Simple Cleanse

Dr. Oz


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