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Making Healthy Choices

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ImageEvery day, from the time we wake up until we fall asleep at night, we make choices. We choose whether to brush our teeth or not, whether to eat breakfast or skip it, and what shirt to wear. Our choices dictate how we live our lives and how our bodies function. The choice to eat that fast-food burger is ultimately a decision that puts the body at risk. But it’s not just fast-food anymore, bad choices are everywhere and it can be difficult to see what are the good choices among all the yuck out there.

One healthy choice you can make is to eat as locally and organically as possible. This will not only bring higher concentrations of nutrients into your diet and limit the toxins that your body has to absorb but it will also help support the local community and local farmers. Yes, organic is sometimes more expensive, but you will live longer and have less illness, which equals less moneyspent in the long run. I haven’t been sick in well over a year and a half. You can read more about picking good foods in my other post.

Another healthy choice is to allow yourself to get proper sleep. Our bodies need to rest in order to recover and reset. There is such a thing as too much and too little sleep. Both are stressful to our bodies and limit our body’s ability to function to its highest capacity. So it is important to try to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night to encourage healthy functioning. If you have trouble sleeping, do some stress management to help yourself get proper sleep; I talk about that here.

When you go out to eat you can make the choice to ASK about the food. You are the one paying for it and you have every right to know where it comes from. You can also do a local search for restaurants in your area that serve sustainable and organic so you know that you are getting quality. You can make the choice to substitute out ingredients that your body doesn’t process well and even substitute in ingredients that are good for your body.

You can make the choice to move. Yoga, dance, swim, kickboxing or anything else that feels good for you! Keep in mind that any exercise should include proper stretching  as well as intensity to get your heart rate up. You don’t have to exercise everyday but you should exercise at least 3 times a week to keep the body healthy.

Finally, you can make the choice to learn all that you can about your body. Whether you do this through research or with the aid of a professional lifestyle coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, doctor and/or acupuncturist. I always advise people to ask for help. That way you learn more about what your body truly needs to be at its healthiest, keeping you living a longer and happier life.

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