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How to Eat While Traveling

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Punta de MitaEveryone always returns from vacation either with extra weight on their bones or sick from ingesting something bad. Wherever you opt to spend your vacation, you want to thoroughly enjoy it and not waste precious time feeling sick. Here are some tips to ensure a safe and healthy vacation:

1. Research where you are traveling. Knowing the culture of the community, the indigenous fruits and vegetables, and whether or not to drink the water from the tap are important to ensure a pleasant adventure.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so I avoid drinking the water and stick to bottled or filtered water.

2. Learn the language; A little goes a long way. Knowing enough to ask what fish is fresh or what has food allergens can make a huge difference.

3. Avoid eating too much processed foods. Eat as fresh as possible. When I travel I look for the highest quality fruits and vegetables I know my body will process well. Being in Mexico, the mini bananas, pineapple and limes are super tasty. I allow myself to indulge with chips and salsa and guacamole and the occasional cookie that has no additives but purely sugar, flour, and vegetable shortening. I normally tend to stay away from dairy except for greek yogurt, but in other countries I avoid it because I know they process their milk a tad differently and that can mean my body may or may not like it, and I am not willing to take the chance on being sick for a day.

4. Use your senses. If something smells amazing and also looks amazing, your body may want it and you may discover a new favorite fruit or veggie! Go to the local markets and take a gander at the variety of produce. Pick up a piece, feel it, smell it, and look at it. Our senses are pretty good at advising us on what will do our bodies good.
5. When in doubt, ASK! Locals don’t mind it when you ask a question. No question is a dumb one, and who knows you may strike up a pleasant conversation with just the right person who is willing to show you a top secret spot that may have the best ceviche in town!
6. Don’t forget to eat small meals every few hours! Especially while traveling, we busy ourselves and forget to eat smaller and instead eat large meals which is taxing on our digestive systems. So eat few ingredients at a time, remember that fats and proteins take longer to digest, while carbohydrates (fruits and simple veggies) are easier and quicker.
7. Hydrate! Super important. Flying on a plane is SUPER dehydrating on the body, and then we arrive at our destination, in a different time zone, dehydrated and exhausted. Drink MORE water than you normally would and avoid alcohol for at least the first day. Keep on drinking water, and buy water bottles to travel with.
Finally, spread the word and share your experiences with others so they, in turn, can travel safe and be healthy and happy.

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