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How Your Trainer Should Be Training

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Those of you who are lucky enough to afford a trainer should know what exactly what you are paying for. Especially since some trainers are charging upwards of $150 a session or more! So many individuals are desperate for help in changing their appearance, they forget to do simple research into what to look for to help with it. We see a deal online or an article in a magazine and think we need exactly what is shown to us. Truth is that we are all a little bit different and have different needs to fully reach our own goals.


But really what is your trainer doing for you? Are you meeting with your trainer once a week for an hour or less and getting a program that you could have searched the internet for yourself? Or are you getting an in depth, one-on-one analysis of your own body each session with your trainer tailoring your program, each time you come, to your specific needs at that moment?

Unfortunately, it is so easy to get a certification that any Joe Schmoe can become a personal trainer or fitness coach.  Most certifications require a book, a fee and a multiple choice test to pass. You don’t even have to teach a real human being! So many trainers at some of the most popular gyms are training with very little education. They don’t go to colleges and study cadavers and kinesiology. They don’t learn about nutrition, herbs, yoga, and mental acuity. They don’t have education in multiple fields and backgrounds and really grow into a knowledgeable source you as the client can go to at anytime all your health questions.

I believe strongly that to be a legitimate personal trainer or lifestyle coach you have to be willing to learn more than you ever thought possible. You have to be willing to learn about each and every client’s physical make-up. You have to be willing to learn of the strengths and weaknesses in each clients’ nutritional, physiological and spiritual elements so that the client can grow into his or her best self.

Isn’t that the purpose of paying a trainer so much money, anyway? You are supposed to look better and feel better! You should be able to text your trainer or coach when you are at the grocery store and ask about which vegetable would be better for your specific dietary needs. Because each of us needs a little something different, depending on our physical make-up. Does your trainer muscle-test you, or refer you to someone who is specialized in NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique) and can diagnose your lacking nutrients?

If you are missing a nutrient in your diet, or getting too much of another, or are more acidic than you should be, you are not going to see the optimal results. This is when some clients hit a plateau. Trainers work you out, but don’t discuss your digestion, your eating habits or your water intake. These are really important things to discuss.

You can also plateau when your body is out of alignment. Your body can’t function and metabolize properly. Think about it. If your spine hips are uneven, your digestive system is not going to be sitting where it should be, and organs may not move as well. Your trainer should know about proper alignment and exercises that relieve tension, pain and realign the bones. Again, these are important elements to your own physicality, so you should be training under someone who understands your disparities and how to correct them.

In the end we are all just human beings right? Well some of us are lacking Vitamin K, and others are getting too much Androgen and some of us are in pain because of an injury. These individualities are what make us unique having a trainer who treats you as unique is necessary if you want to see your body and your mind truly transform.

Author: builtbysyd

Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!


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