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Letting Go of the Materialistic World

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We have a very superficial society here in America. We want too much. We want things. Lots of things. In turn, we become in debt because we want too many things. We forget the meaning of life. We gain weight, we get sick and we cannot practice non attachment. So how can we better balance our lives to make ourselves feel whole and complete without having so many “things” and having just enough? By taking time to manage our lives and planning out accordingly. Follow these simple things to help better your life and let go of the materialistic world we so often become intertwined in.

cleanliness means health1. Clean often. When we clean our living spaces we not only cleanse what we don’t need but we figure out better ways to consolidate what we do need to have to make our space look presentable. It is not only nice for our friends and family to view a clean space, but it is healthy for our own selves. You can always have that T.V. show on in the background while you clean so you don’t miss it.

plan 2.  Plan. Planning makes EVERYTHING easier. It helps you stay within your financial means, eat healthier, find time for whatever fitness practice you choose as well as finding time to grow the individual self.

monk cartoon

3.  Read. And I don’t mean just what is on your computer. So often we are busy with the technology that we have in front of us, we forget that we do not really need it to survive. We do not need to be attached to our cell phones or our computers. In fact, being away from them is good for us since they do give off electromagnetic radiation. So dust off that book on your shelf and open it up, it may inspire you!

nature australia

4.  Find nature. Nature can be anything from a lake, a forest, a farm, an ocean, etc. Nature is great at reminding us there is beauty beyond the  artistic world of Grand Theft Auto V. Nature is invigorating, relaxing and healing!
inner strength gandhi quote5.  Find inner strength. We all need something to help us get by. For me it is yoga. To others it is a different form of a spiritual source that helps when you need it the most. Whatever form it is, turn to it. When things get difficult in life, more often than not, we want to easy fix: drinking, partying, spending money, etc. We rarely remember to stop and contemplate our lives. If we did, maybe we would see that bigger picture, and that all things happen for a reason, whatever that reason may be. And that we don’t need to indulge to feel better. We have that capacity all the time, we just need to look internally to see it.

I hope this list helps you become more sincere, whole and complete without the need for so much tangible stuff. We really only need basic food, water and love to survive. Everything else is just extra we can be thankful for. We can all learn to minimize a little more, and in doing so we can maximize our feelings of being whole.the root of all suffering is attachment

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Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!


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