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american flagThe amazing thing about America, what we were founded on, is our freedom. We all have the ability and the freedom to say yes to something, and no to another. We can choose to believe the colorful advertisements that flood our lives with toxic hocus pocus  or we can rely on education to live better and longer lives.  We can choose to shop at the store that stands behind equal rights or shop for cheaper because we think we will save that much more. But the point is WE get that right, that freedom to choose what we want.

Girl in gym clothes jumping in the iar

You can go out into your life with the positive attitude that eating better foods will be the best way to live and actually do it, or you can choose to eat poorly and be sick all the time and slowly die. Yes studies prove that healthy eating matters. In fact I tell all my clients that I train just that. “Eat better”! I can not properly train someone who does not want to do the work. You have to eat good foods. Why? Because your body uses the good foods for fuel, creating muscle, blood cells, and other vital things for a more powerful, intelligent human being. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets,on the other-hand, do not contribute. Sorry, they are trash. You kill a little bit of yourself every time you eat one.

It’s ok, you live in America.

You have the freedom to choose to eat that nugget and other processed food byproducts that negatively impact your body in every sense. Or you could choose to go to the local grocery store or butcher shop and pick up some local organic free-range chicken and go home and bread the nuggets in coconut flour and your own fresh seasonings, herbs and spices and fry them in local organic extra-virgin olive oil. Which do you think would taste better and be fuel for your body?

Some people complain, “I don’t have time!” We all have the time. We live in America. We all get to choose our own schedules and allow ourselves, say, 5:00 p.m. on a Sunday night to pre-cook all our meals for the week. We have the freedom to choose to package our food up in our BPA free Tupperware for our lunches for the week. And what’s even better, it will actually save you money.


Really. You live in America! You can choose to go to the local farmers market, market, or if you don’t have one in your city, you have the wonderful internet! We can choose to order our own meats online from reputable site, Topline Foods is my personal favorite, so we can avoid the conventional, ammonia-ridden, downgrade meat.  We can also order organic produce, or belong to produce box groups. So many choices! After only buying the freshest foods you will see that there is very little room in your wallets, and your meals, for the packaged cancer byproducts. Really there should not be so many packages. The fresher, the better!

Remember, it’s about quality not quantity.

And quality of food directly equates to the quality of life. The better, more colorful, water-filled, nutrient rich life we can have, the less illness, disease, cancer and death we will have. So we have the freedom to choose to live and gain the benefits that come from a more sustainable, healthy life. So use the freedom, America, to choose to support more local businesses and farmers and less greedy corporations who only care about their investors. Support those businesses with integrity who believe in our health, our nutrition and well-being. Let us all make the planet a little cleaner and more enjoyable. When we choose to eat of a higher quality we can think of at a higher quality, grow at a faster rate, enjoy life at a better, deeper level.

Author: builtbysyd

Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!


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