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Syd’s Grocery List

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shopping cart in handSo a lot of people ask me how I eat. So I decided this week to share what my weekly grocery list looks like and why I choose what I eat. Mind you, there are a lot of options to go on in any typical week but there are some staples in my diet too, things I always have on hand. Also note that if you are a vegan and you want alternatives, tempeh, pea protein, seitan and tofu are going to have to be your go to protein sources. Vegetarians have it better because you can eat eggs which are a very important staple.


Free Range ORGANIC Eggs – No I do not want my eggs to be fed a GMO diet. The egg is the most nutritious of the proteins. Its center, the nucleus of the egg is so nutrient dense, nothing compares to it. On that note, eggs are one of my least favorite things. I struggle to eat them everyday.

Grass-Fed Organic Beef – I need to really have beef often because my body really does well with it. For some it’s lamb or chicken or tofu. For me, it’s the beef. I try not to eat meat more than twice a day. I believe the body needs more things from the earth than from the animal. There are so many vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to take up room in your belly throughout the day that the body really needs.

cow on farm

Happy cow roaming free

Local Sustainable Fish – I pick what is good. I ask the meat guy “what is good and fresh today?”. Chances are he wants to talk about his meat…so ask away!

Organic Whole Milk PLAIN Yogurt – Yes whole milk. I was one of those who grew up under the false idea that low-fat and fat-free were better for you. Truth is, they are highly processed to get to be that way, and a little bit of fat every day won’t kill you.  The probiotic cultures in the yogurt are excellent for your digestive system. However, due to its bitter nature, I like to sweeten it myself with coconut sugar or raw honey and possibly some homemade granola. (LIMIT THE INGREDIENTS)

Organic Apples – I like to pick what is in season. You may have noticed Honeycrisp are popular for fall. It’s better for the environment, and the fruit tends to have more nutrients and be fresher since it did not travel as far.

Some other organic fruit – Again, what is in season? And on sale is nice too. I try to limit my sugar intake by limiting my fruit intake.

MarketDark Green Leafy Vegetable – Again, what is in season? And what looks good? I opt for kale a lot because I respond really well to it. But collard greens, chards and dandelions are great too!

Another Green Vegetable – Broccoli? Asparagus? Celery? What am I cooking? What looks amazing? Those are the questions I ask myself as I pursue the produce aisle.

A couple of Red Vegetables – Tomato, red bell pepper, red cabbage, red onion! Whatever starts to brew in my head for interesting meal ideas takes form.

A couple of Yellow Vegetables – Onions, squash, tomatoes, peppers, turnips and beets! So exciting!

A Purple Vegetable – purple carrots, asparagus, beets. See my pattern? COLOR!

Orange Vegetables – Squash, carrots, sweet potato and pumpkin! What is in season?

Are there blue vegetables? Not really. You get blueberries elderberries and then that is kind of it. And those are fruit.

Organic Nuts – Here I ask myself what is on sale, because they are all good for you!Nuts

Organic Seeds – I really like chia and hemp seeds. Chia seeds help clean out your internal organs and fill you up. Hemp seeds have a complete protein profile and are super foods!

Organic Oil – I use Coconut and Olive strictly. They are my favorite.

NON- STAPLES – As you can see most of the grocery list is taken up. There is not a whole lot of room for other foods. So here is where maybe a few processed items come in.

Chips – I rarely crave them, but when I do I get Organic Blue Chips so I can have my guacamole.

Ice Cream- Whatever is on sale here, sometimes I go paleo and get Coconut Bliss which is not only delicious but much less processed and with fewer bad ingredients that the other brands. If I choose to do dairy Strauss and Three Twins organic brands are my favorite.

Dark Chocolate Nut Butter – It’s all natural. It has basically become a staple because I must have it if I need the chocolate. Highly recommended.

Ancient-Harvest-Quinoa-Pasta-Elbows-Gluten-Free-089125220005Quinoa Pasta – When I crave pasta, maybe around once month, it has to be gluten-free. I like the quinoa pasta, because quinoa is another amazing seed with a complete amino acid profile.

Organic Cheese – I have allowed myself to have a little cheese here and there and when I do it is always grass-fed organic.

Kombucha – I am trying my hand at making my own now, but I try to have one a week at least to help regulate the digestive system. These drinks are expensive, hence trying to make my own, but the health benefits are worth it.

Coconut Water – When I need hydration coconut water is key! So if you go out drinking or take a sweaty fitness class, get your coconut water on!

Meal Replacement Bars – When I have a busy week and I know I will need to eat and run, meal replacement bars come in handy. I like the ones that are organic and non-GMO with few ingredients. Kit’s Organic, Macro Pro, Raw Revolution and the low-glycemic Kind bars are some of my favorites. Read all the ingredients and choose wisely.

There you have it. If your grocery list looks similar to mine, good job and keep up the good work on being healthy. If you find your grocery list completely off of what I have listed, take a deeper look at it. Are all those things really benefiting your body? Or is it time for a change so you too can be living a healthy and energizing lifestyle!

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Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!


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