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Eating Healthier through the Holidays

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I feel this especially after a Halloween week filled with so much sugar my body is in sugar overload! With big eating holidays ahead I need to pay close attention to what I put into my body. And was the sugar worth it? My tummy aches and my energy gets low and my back starts to hurt again. With much cleansing and yoga ahead of me I know I will be ok.

But will you? The average American gains 1-2 pounds of fat per year during the holiday months. So not that much, unless you factor in the fact that most Americans will never lose this extra weight. Add in 20, 30, 50 years of holiday eating and it is easy to see why most are overweight.

So it is really important to know how eat that healthier way throughout the holidays. Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t overeat. Save room for later! Don’t go back for seconds. Let the food live on in the form of leftovers!
  • Cook lots of veggies! Not only will it save you from that heart attack that gravy will cause you, but there are lots of ways to cook them to make them appealing! Check for what is in season like squash, pumpkin and pomegranates to include fall flavors.
  • Pick sustainable meat options! Not only will the meat taste better, but hey it is also better for the earth, double win!
  • Don’t fast before the big meal. Always eat breakfast, then depending on when your feast is planned for, eat small meals every three hours. This will also help you from overeating since you are satiating your hunger.
  • Take your time while eating. Enjoy the food, the conversation, the surroundings. Eating slower will also allow your brain to have the time to tell you you’re full.
  • Limit your sweets. Choose smaller bites if you want to sample from a variety of areas.
  • If you don’t get to host the feast and are worried about the food choices, encourage better eating habits by bringing your own gluten-free-Paleo dish. Call the host ahead of time and see if you can bring Stuffed-Kabocha-Squash for the feast. I doubt anyone would object!
  • With all the business during the holidays, don’t forget your “you” time. Even if you just do downward dog, 50 crunches and 20 squats and some deep breathing. A 10 minute workout break can really heal the body and energize it for the hustle and bustle of the holidays. You have to release the anxiety and stress!
  • Don’t forget to hydrate! Try not to over do it on the hot chocolates, mochas and sweetened teas. Hot water with lemon is my trick to make sure I get enough water when it is cold out. And remember, coconut water is great for hydrating as well.

If you are good to your body, your body will be good to you. Keep focused throughout the holidays and maybe your New Years Resolution can be something other than “lose weight”, because you won’t have any to lose this year!

Author: builtbysyd

Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!

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