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How Often Should You Really “Exercise”?

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First lets replace that word “exercise” with “movement”. Because Ultimately that is the goal of exercise. To move the body. But when we hear that word “exercise” we commit ourselves to thinking of it in a negative manner. But really you don’t need to attend a spin class every single day. In fact, I do not recommend that. Instead think of moving the body in different ways every day.

If you must ride, spin, run or jog, then combine it with hatha yoga everyday. But say you are like me and enjoy various forms of movement. Dance, tennis, softball, archery, whatever. It is all really movement and therefore exercise.

The point is not to push your body to the breaking point, and not sitting on your butt everyday. There is a happy medium. You have to listen to your body to feel what that is because for each person it is different. Hatha yoga, moving the muscles isometrically, stretching the muscles long, moving the joints and synovial fluid, aiding the digestive system by moving it, can be done daily and should be done daily. I see very few yogi’s with injuries in their older years versus runners with injuries in their older years. The body needs to move gently, for lengthy periods of time (at least 45 seconds per stretch) and the breathe needs to accompany movement in any form.

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One thought on “How Often Should You Really “Exercise”?

  1. LOVE THIS 🙂 I have had a problem pushing myself for years to the point of exhaustion. It wasn’t until this year that I learned that even working out 3 days a week is good enough for me! i don’t have to be super turbo muscle man to be happy and physically fit 🙂 Thanks for the great Blog! Great Job Teaching Turkey day too by the way 😉


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