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New Years Resolutions!

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2014 new yearIt’s that time of year again, lots of New Years Resolutions being made. Most people try to better themselves, but only for a little while. Most people fall off the wagon around March or April. So how can you keep your health goals this year and make it really count? Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful resolution and a better, healthier you.

1. Give yourself a pat on the back for even the littlest effort. So what if you drank or ate something that is not good for you, that does not mean the rest of your day has to be just as bad. Give yourself credit for what you do right and don’t sweat the small stuff. If you criticize yourself too much or hold yourself to unrealistic goals, you will never be able to feel healthy and happy. And worse, you won’t be able to keep your goals.

goals2. Don’t get overwhelmed with what you CAN’T do or what you CAN’T put in your body. Focus on the positive, what you CAN do! You can eat lots of delicious foods, there are lots of tasty new recipes you can try, all you have to do in explore the possibilities.  There are lots of different  yoga, aerobic and dance classes you can take and plenty sports to participate in that can all be enjoyable in your progress toward a healthier being.

3. Consult an expert. An expert will factor in your body chemistry, injury restrictions and/or limitations. Only a personal trainer, lifestyle coach and or nutritionist can give you the proper advice that is geared just for you. Since everyone has a little bit different of a body, it is important to find someone skilled enough how to work with your body and figure out exactly how to get your to your goals the most efficient way possible. Remember, it’s alright to put a little investment toward your own well-being.

4. Don’t give up. Even when you want to, take a breather and get back to it. You can’t fail if you are constantly trying. So try!


5. Keep drinking lots of water. Ignore the fads and stick to real organic and local foods. Eat several times a day to keep your metabolism going and flush out your toxins with lots of water.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a healthy and happy New Year.  Your resolution can last the entire year and on into the next years.

Author: builtbysyd

Yogi, lifestyle coach and personal trainer. Get healthy. Get fit. Get BUILT!


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