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My First Week on the Whole 30 Program

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donuts, sweets, processed foods, bad for you, cravings,  carbsIt’s no big secret to anyone that I like sweets. And after this past holiday season, I felt horribly uncomfortable after eating far too many sweets. No, I didn’t eat an entire cake, but I did enjoy donuts and bagels on Friday’s at the Law Offices of Philip M. Cohen. This is the same place where I manage everyone else on their eating habits and contradict my own statements by allowing myself a slice of that donut and half that bagel. And I only do it because they are there and are the first thing I see every Friday morning when I arrive to work. I resist the temptation at first. But somewhere around the second or third water bottle refill, I cave in and indulge.

So I needed a change. A giant cleanse. I started the Whole 30 on a Thursday, however, and thought I was in the clear. But upon entering the break room I saw, not donuts, but cupcakes. Yes, delicious cupcakes staring at me with brightly colored frosting as if to say “look at me! I’m so yummy!”. Needless to say the first day was hard. I was already planning out my 31st day sweet treat. I was watching Cake Boss on Netflix and fantasizing about a giant cake with all different flavors being delivered to my door on day 31. Yes it was bad. I could feel my sugar addiction taking over and I had no idea how I was going to last 30 days without a donut. Or piece of cake. Or ice cream.

angry business man, how to diet, feelings while dieting, detox

“Why am I doing this to myself?”

And that is what the first few days are like. Since I started on Thursday, that meant I walked into the office to see, yes that’s right, donuts and bagels on Friday. By day 2 I was just angry. I was angry at the rest of the world for allowing these actually rather toxic and clearly addictive processed foods into our everyday lives. Why doesn’t someone bake paleo cookies or paleo banana bread and bring that in to share with the office? But even if someone did, for the next 30 days I am not allowed to even eat those!

Whole 30 no's, whole 30, paleo challengeThe Whole 30 is a way to cleanse your body. You basically eat organic and grass-fed meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds only. No grains, no dairy, no sugars (even coconut sugar), no processed flours, no white potatoes, no legumes, no sulfites, carrageenan and MSG. And carrageenan is in everything and super toxic! So you basically eat nothing that everyone else in America is eating. This makes eating out extremely limiting and you can feel stressed trying to find balance between a healthy food relationship and the time you have in the day.

To make things easier, my girlfriend and I ordered organic veggies to be delivered to our door through Farm Fresh To You and the best quality meats through Topline Foods. Ok to be honest, my girlfriend really did all the ordering and I filled the house up with extra nuts, nut butters and fruits and veggies we run out of. But it does help make things easier. You don’t have to go to the grocery store which is filled with temptations and you get it delivered right to your door. Super easy.

Gymnema sylvestre, sugar addiction cure, sugar aid, natural herb

Gymnema sylvestre

But the diet is still difficult. By Monday, I was starting to feel better. A lot better. My chiropractor gave me the supplement Gymnema, which is a natural herb used to help with sugar cravings. I think it really helped. And my chronic back pain was not as bad. Probably because my body is in less of an anti-inflammatory response due to the processed foods I had ingested.  My yoga boss called me to sub 3 back to back clients for her and her yoga class on Tuesday and I had work at the law office. I was nervous my back could not handle it. Surprisingly, I was actually ok. Just a bit of pain at night but the way I was able to move around in the morning with my clients and the movement I was able to do at night with the yoga class actually balanced my body out between all the sitting and stress at the office.

Healthy living, dieting, weight loss, eating right, fitness, nutritionSo, as I sit here on day 8 feeling slim to no pain and I type, I am confident. I am confident this cleanse is doing its job, confident I can continue to succeed at it and confident I can continue living passed the 30 days in this same healthy diet. After all, I am feeling more aware, more energized, more in tune with my emotions, and happier.

But it’s only day 8, and I still have 22 more days without sugar…

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