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personal training san diego, personal training, personal trainer, san diego personal trainingWhen you are looking for a personal trainer in San Diego, you have to look for a variety of characteristics in a personal trainer. Some personal trainers in San Diego only focus on building muscle, while others only focus on the nutrition. To get the most out of your personal training experience, and ultimately get your moneys worth, consider the following when making your choice for a personal trainer.

  1. Does the personal trainer give a well-rounded approach to the physical portion of the session? Basically, does your personal trainer have experience with alignment, flexibility, mobility and strength gaining? ALL of these areas are important not just one. Some personal trainers only focus on the large muscle groups, and it is important to view the body in its entirety to get the most effective results. Your personal trainer should combine various techniques into each session from a variety of forms of movement such as yoga, Egoscue, strength training, kettlebell training, pilates and plyometrics.
  2. Does the personal trainer have a specialty that will benefit you most? Some personal trainers specialize in weight loss, others specialize in rehabilitation and even others specialize in athletic performance. The most skilled personal trainers will specialize in it all. Some of the best techniques I have learned over the years benefit ALL types of individuals with various conditions.
  3. Does your personal trainer give you well-informed advice regarding your nutrition? As personal trainers, we can only do so much in the limited time we get to spend with a client. Thus, it is extremely important to give clients all the information they will need to make the healthiest of choices in their everyday lives. The movement is only part of the equation toward a healthier lifestyle. I have had many clients not see results with their personal trainers and come to me to find out that what their trainer had been advising them was bad science and not effective to a healthier lifestyle. It is important to keep in mind that not every personal trainer in San Diego has a background in nutrition and the importance of an organic and sustainable diet incorporating lots of vegetables. Most trainers still believe in eating lots of meat and processed foods are healthy ways and that it just matters how much calories you put in your body and not the QUALITY of those calories.
  4. Does your personal trainer care about you? Believe it or not, but in order to be a success story need  a good rapport with your personal trainer. Every personal trainer should do the research necessary to ensure that each and every client gets the best attention to that client’s particular needs. I know everything about my clients from their sleeping schedule to their eating habits.
  5. Is your personal trainer affordable? Some personal trainers charge an arm and a leg for limited services. Your San Diego personal trainer should be able to accommodate your financial requirements. $200 is way too much for a limited hour with a personal trainer unless they are running a blood panel for you to figure out your food allergies. And no personal trainer should pressure you for multiple sessions. It’s up to you to decide what you can afford and do the work to keep working on your programs in between sessions. Some of my clients I see as often as 3 times a week, some clients I see once every other week. The more often, the quicker the results, but I will still see results in my clients I see limitedly if they do their homework.

lose weight, personal training san diego, san diego personal trainerAnd there you have it. Just a few helpful tips to help you pick out the best San Diego personal trainer! Want to learn more about me and my programs? Shoot me an email for a FREE CONSULTATION today!


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