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Healthy Traveling Tips to Las Vegas!

Yes, you can successfully travel healthy in Sin City! I thought it was going to be more challenging a task than it was. First thing I did when I found out I was going to visit Las Vegas for a few days was get on Google. I looked at a map of Vegas, looked at the location of where I was going to stay and searched for words like “healthy”, “organic”, “natural”, “yoga”, and “local”. I came up with some very good results!

Healthy Eating in Las Vegas

Unfortunately, your options are quite limited but there are still some great restaurants you can go to and if nothing else, there is a Whole Foods right off the strip. There is a really cute local grocery store on East Sahara called Rainbow’s End and they have an excellent vegan cafe section. As soon as I got to Las Vegas I stocked up on snacks there. I had the raw zucchini pesto pasta and vegan tomato soup and it was all very satisfying and tasty. There is also a raw food cafe right by TruFusion that I stopped in after yoga called Go Raw Cafe.  I had quite the filling half portion size Vegi-Cotti, gluten-free raw “tortillas” filled with a nutty pesto veggie concoction and served with a side of zucchini “pasta”. The only thing about eating raw, is that it is cold, and raw garlic can be a little intense. Other than that, it fills you up, tastes delicious and helps clean your body out!

For warmer meals, I ate some delicious Indian food at Mint Indian Bistro on Flamango. I was so excited to be able to eat an appetizer other than a salad. They grind chick peas into flour to make a spiced for many types of fillings and deep fry. I tried the fresh veggie Pakoda and was blown away. I also tried the Famous Organic Tantric Tandoori, chicken that is. This was also very good but could have used a sauce. Their Masala chai tea is also very nice. Other meals included a couple of trips to the Whole Foods, and a decent experience at a Thai restaurant called Komol. I was not able to get into their sister restaurant across the street, Lotus of Siam which I hear is better. Both are very vegetarian friendly. I had Vegetarian Panang curry and it was just a little too rich for my taste buds. The fresh rolls were good though.

Getting Active in Las Vegas

There is a lot of fun activities to do in Vegas. I wanted to mostly yoga. I found Sherry Goldstein’s Yoga Sanctuary pleasant enough. The night I arrived, I took a very nice Vinyasa Flow. The class was very small, which I never mind because it usually means closer attention by the instructor. I think the instructor might have been a little too intimidated to give me adjustments though! The drop in rates are pricey and there is no teacher/student discount for people from different states, which I don’t think is that fair. The next day, I tried out TruFusion Yoga which I liked much better. I got a day pass for roughly the same price as I paid for one class at the other yoga studio. I was able to take as many classes as I wanted to. I took the Z Flow 75 from this awesome instructor Zeeky Vincent with a very diverse yoga background.  His class was a little more challenging, to my liking, and he was eager to assist me in advanced postures. Later that day, I took the TruHot Pilates with Jenny Kim who gave another kick-ass workout. I was sore from my abs to my ass for the next few days! This studio also offers kettlebell, ropes, TRX, boxing, circuits and sculpt classes. If I had more time, and will power, I would have gone to more classes there!

There are lots of spas, massage therapists, and skin care professionals if you really want to pamper yourself. If I had more time I would have indulged in further activities! But, alas, I have more to look forward to the next time I make it out to the not-necessarily-sinful City!

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